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The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19 Booking Information

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  • Guest on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘18. As a guest on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘18, you may reserve any available cabin at this time on either sailing of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19. Before clicking “RESERVATION REQUEST FORM”, please note the following:
  • Cabin Selection. Your exclusive period to reserve the cabin on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘18 expired on September 15, 2017, but you are eligible to book any available cabin on either sailing of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19 immediately!
  • Your Next Steps. The fastest way to reserve a cabin is to contact the office at 844.616.6279 and speak to one of our Reservationists. Be sure to tell them that you are a guest on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’18 and that you wish to reserve a cabin on one of the sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19. • If the office is not open at that time (Office Hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Central Time), then complete the Registration Request Form and we will contact you as soon as possible upon receipt.

Pre-Sale Registrants: Pre-Sale Registrants will have received their “Important Booking Information for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19” around September 13, 2017. That information includes a set of instructions for completing your reservation for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19, including your Selection Commencement Date and your identification token for your reservation. If you cannot locate that message, contact us at or call us at 844.616.6279. Upon receiving your information, you may proceed to follow the steps outlined, select one of the two sailings, your cabin and other information needed to complete your reservation.
Not a Pre-Sale Registrant or a Guest on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’18:

Pre-Sale Registrants and guests on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’18 have commenced their cabin selection process for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19. You can join the list of Pre-Sale Registrants for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’19 now. Doing so will put you in line to complete your reservation before the commencement of Open Booking on October 15, 2017.

Before joining the Pre-Sale, please know that doing so requires a $200 deposit, which will apply to the final cost of your cabin or refunded if you do not complete the reservation. If you want to check on pricing and terms before joining the Pre-Sale, click here.

Joining the Pre-Sale does not guarantee that cabins will be available for reservation when it’s your time to book. Our hope is to accommodate everyone that wants to join this experience. In the case of a sellout, we will create a wait list for those still interested in booking upon any cabin cancellations and refund your deposit.

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