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The Smooth Jazz Cruise Experience
The Smooth Jazz Cruise Experience

Since 2004, The Smooth Jazz Cruise has been the gold standard, not only for jazz cruises, but for all theme cruises. Nearly 50,000 guests have experienced this amazing music cruise vacation and nearly 14,000 of those have joined us on 4 or more of the 25 sailings. The cruise, which has earned the title of The Greatest Party at Sea, provides guests with a week away from the issues of the day and transports them to a place of true camaraderie, inclusion and respect. The guests motivate the artists and musicians, who, in turn, up their game to further excite the guests. This spiral continues for 7 days and 7 nights, resulting in a totally immersive music and cultural experience that has created life-changing relationships among guests, artists and staff.

Why is The Smooth Jazz Cruise so beloved? Here are a few of the factors that make the cruise so popular!

  • Music. There is more great music on The Smooth Jazz Cruise than any other event of its kind in the world. On The Smooth Jazz Cruise, the music comes first.
  • Great Headliners. Simply stated, The Smooth Jazz Cruise has, year in and year out, presented more of the top stars in this genre than any cruise or festival. Two music hosts, Marcus Miller and Boney James, command the respect of all guests, along with our amazing headliners, Brian Culbertson, Jonathan Butler, Candy Dulfer, Norman Brown, Euge Groove, Eric Darius, DW3 and Eric Marienthal (Music Director).
  • Amazing Special Guests. The ’21 cruises also features two special guests, Vanessa Williams and Jeffrey Osborne. And, unlike many Special Guests in the past, both Vanessa and Jeffrey will be sailing with us.
  • More Musicians and Featured Performers.The talent does not stop there. The ’21 cruise feature some top featured musicians such as Cindy Bradley, Patches Stewart, Chance Howard, Tom Braxton and more! The musicians are supported by three incredible bands, the amazing talents of DW3, and topped off with the funniest man join the planet, our comic/host Alonzo Bodden.
  • Completely Upgraded Ship.. Our ship, the Celebrity Infinity, will have completed a top to bottom upgrade (REVOLUTION). Every stateroom will be stripped to the metal and refurbished with top-notch bedding and appointments. The Infinity offers The Smooth Jazz Cruise the opportunity to create magical music experiences while also making sure that guests enjoy wonderful specialty restaurants, world-class spa facilities and service second to none.
  • Exciting New Ports of Call. In 2021, The Smooth Jazz Cruise will visit the beautiful Caribbean islands of Curacao and Aruba.
  • Programming and Production. Hands down, no one programs a cruise like The Smooth Jazz Cruise. Our team of creative experts is simply unmatched in their ability to create cool and exciting programs, shows, events, parties and just plain fun. Below is a partial list of the exciting programs you will experience on The Smooth Jazz Cruise:
  • Nightly Main Lounge Shows
  • Festival-Style Lounge Shows
  • Late Night Main Lounge Shows
  • All Star Shows with unique musical configurations
  • Late, Late Nightclub for Dancing/Chilling
  • Cocktail Hour Performances
  • All Ship Pool Shows
  • Annual T-Shirt Party
  • Costume Theme Parties
  • Pool Events featuring Performers
  • Autograph Sessions
  • Artist Hosted Excursions
  • Artist Interactive Activities
  • Q & A’s with Artists
  • Music Seminars
  • One-of-a-kind Culinary Events
  • Hilarious Gameshows
  • Show Us Your Talent Competition judged by Artists
  • Annual BBQ Under The Stars

  • Entertainment Cruise Productions, the producer of the cruise, is the worldwide leader in live entertainment at sea. Entertainment Cruise Productions has provided a level of expertise, service and commitment that has guests coming back year after year after year. Upon completion of our current programs, ECP will have produced over 81 full ship cruise programs, and over 14,000 people have sailed on our jazz cruise programs 4 or more times. These are astonishing numbers, for sure, but it proves to us that our mission to give each cruise guest an amazing experience has resonated over the years.

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