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For more than 15 years, Entertainment Cruise Productions has been the world leader in presenting jazz at sea. We have also produced numerous concerts, supported many jazz organizations and festivals as well as supporting the jazz community worldwide. Our efforts are a direct reflection of our love for jazz, and, even more so, our love for the folks who love jazz.

During these years we have amassed a jazz following of over 210,000 people, many of whom have sailed on one or more of our 46 jazz themed cruises. In fact, well over 10,000 folks have sailed on “4 or More” of those sailings! We have also accumulated a large number of friends in the jazz world who produce festivals, print magazines and provide fabulous opportunities to enjoy or learn about jazz.

We thought it would make the entire jazz world better if we could be a conduit between our 210,000 jazz fans and those providing entertainment in the world of jazz and beyond. That idea spawned The Jazz Club at Entertainment Cruise Productions, a membership organization by which we will put together special offers for the benefit of our members and give the providers a direct connection to our members. The goal is for everyone to prosper.

The Jazz Club newsletter will take the place of our current jazz newsletters and it will reflect the music of all of our very special jazz cruise programs and our land based jazz programs as well.