Try to find the 3-5 things in life that make you happy.
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Our Take: Cherish Our Music
If cynicism were currency, this nation could pay off its National Debt and have money left over. Some degree of angst is justified. Mass shootings, California fires, racial and religious hate crimes, hurricane damage, immigrant internment and the most bitter and divisive political atmosphere ever make it very difficult to be optimistic or thankful. Yet, here we are, in the holiday season, having just celebrated our National Day of Giving Thanks. Can we reconcile these polar opposite forces?
Lots of folks believe that there was once a simpler, better life and they long for a return to those days. Sadly, that ship has sailed. With current technology bombarding us with information in real time, the ability to universally share any incident, horror or sadness and the reality of an ever-changing, mostly for the bad, environment, "simple" is no longer an option. "Complex" and "overwhelming" are the new realities.
Finding things to be grateful and thankful for within this new normal is challenging, but here is where the concept of "simple" may find its way to prominence. Consider finding 3-5 things in life that make you happy. By limiting the number, you have to dig deep to identify your essence. Hopefully, you will find yourself being very grateful and thankful that you have those elements in your life. And, more importantly, that you have the strength, commitment and ability to sustain them.

Somewhere in that list should be your love of music and what that provides you. I cannot think of any other medium or pastime that can be meaningful whether experienced alone, with a loved one, with a small group and with a huge crowd in a theater. Each musical engagement is different and fulfilling in its own way, but the common denominator is "sharing." The musicians are sharing with their fellow members on the bandstand and sharing their talent with the audience. And, if the audience is more than one, they are sharing the experience together.
Those moments are precious and though they will not change the horrific evils mentioned above, they will give us a respite from the noise, a sanctuary for our humanity and an inner peace if only for as long as the song or concert lasts. Some would say that is not much. But, if you string enough of those moments together, you will have something wonderful … something that will make you feel grateful and thankful. After all, ‘tis the season.

Our Take is written by Michael Lazaroff, Executive Director of Entertainment Cruise Productions. Feel free to express your views or pose questions to him at
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A Sale By Any Other Name Is Still a Sale

Hold up your hand if you are tired of folks slapping a slick label on the same sale that you have seen for months or longer and expecting you not to notice. Nonetheless, we would be remiss if we did not share the weekly 2019 Stateroom Update with you. As we have indicated, both sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ('19.1 & '19.2) are fully subscribed. Fewer than 20 staterooms remain for The Jazz Cruise '19 and 80 remain for Blue Note at Sea '19.
As we have shared before, the staterooms that remain for Blue Note at Sea are predominantly Inside Staterooms and Ocean View Staterooms. With most of the higher-priced staterooms reserved, we are able to provide great entry level pricing for the cruise. Spread the word. It is an amazing event.
Alonzo Bodden Taping New Special in L.A.
Bodden in L.A.
Our favorite comedian, Alonzo Bodden, is taping a new 1-hour special on December 3 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Calif. Come out and find out why every one of his sets on the jazz cruises is packed.

Alonzo will also be in St. Louis (hometown of Entertainment Cruise Productions) for New Year’s Eve! ECP has purchased a bunch of tickets to his 10:30 p.m. show (Helium Comedy Club), so if you want to join us to ring in the new year with our Comic-in-Residence, give us a call.

Warning: If you're sitting in the front, Alonzo may call on you for some information and that could go either way.